Core Design Studios is a full service Interior Design firm in Salt Lake City, Utah, working with commercial clients of all sizes. We are interested in the human connection with built environments and the ways in which well-designed interior space can positively effect our daily lives. 


Rachael Hamlin

Founder, Interior Designer

As an Interior Designer with 11 years of domestic and international work experience, Rachael brings a unique perspective to every design project. Working for a notable architectural firm in Portland, and later for a boutique studio in Amsterdam, she was involved in a variety of projects ranging from US embassies to university recreation centers, retail interiors to high-end commercial office space. Living and working in Mountain West, the Pacific Northwest and Europe has heightened her appreciation for architecture that reflects a sense of place, and the powerful connections we make between our natural and built environments.

In combination with her design work, Rachael spends her time teaching classical Pilates. She thrives on helping people understand how their bodies can move through space and educating people on how their built environments influence their health, productivity and enjoyment of life.  


"Rachael not only saw our vision, she helped create it.  We couldn’t be more please with her work.”

SCOTT SIMPSON,  CEO/President, Utah Credit Union Association | 503.544.7161